Close your eyes. Take your mind back to 2011. You’re in early high school, and you’re just starting to feel the stirrings of romantic interest in boys you previously thought were disgusting booger machines. Then, while watching everyone’s favourite reality show that year – Australia’s Got Talent – you see your first true love. Jack Vidgen, the 14-year-old with Justin Bieber hair and an angelic voice.

Well, Jack’s all grown up now like you are, but he’s still doing the singing thing. In fact, according to he’s going to make a return to reality TV on The Voice this year to show you all that yes, he can still sing you into tears.

Vidgen’s 22 now. Here’s what he looks like as an actual adult and not a little cheruby faced teen.

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more grain than nutri-grain

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There’s no word as to what his role will be, whether he’ll just be performing or maybe helping a coach? IDK, but here’s his promo pic so I’m thinking it’ll be more than just a song.

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Oh hey ???? | @thevoiceau | starts May 19th

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To recap, Jack won Australia’s Got Talent that year with his rendition of Whitney Houston‘s ‘I Have Nothing’, scoring $250K. A few years later he tried to crack the US market, but ended up coming back to Australia to work in an aged care home. Which sounds weird but his reasoning makes sense IMO, considering he was a little baby when he became famous.

“It was a really full-on and amazing couple years, straight after the show,” he told The Morning Show in 2017. “I was craving a bit of normality and normal teenage life, so I had a few years off and I really got to experience that. I made a conscious decision to step back and work on myself.”

Fair enough. Anyway, he’s now ready to pursue music again, and he’s doing it on The Voice, which is back on Channel 9 this Sunday May 19 at 7pm.

Image: Australia's Got Talent