Aussie Muso Jack River Used To Be A ‘Dolly’ Cover Girl, Frothed Yellowcard

The absolute pinnacle of teen goals was to make it into Dolly or Girlfriend magazine. Anyone growing up in the 00’s was entering any/all competitions or emailing to be a reader model in the hopes that their pubescent awkwardness could be transformed with the power of (minimal) makeup and (very cool) fashion, then splashed across the pages of the national teen mags.

Well, apparently Aussie muso Jack River wasn’t having any of that basic bitch shit.

She went all the way to the fucking cover.

We can thank Sydney music space Oxford Art Factory for blessing us with this gift – they uploaded it today to promo their all-ages gig XRaySpex. Basically, Jack (real name Holly Rankin) won the Clean & Clear comp with her best mate Grace, labelling them as the *screamy teen voice* BEST FRIENDS OF THE YEEEEAR!

The two didn’t just get a national back cover of the mag, though. They were also flown to Berlin (!!!!) to met Avril Lavigne (!!!!!!!!!!!).

“Baby Jack gave the sk83r girl her demos and almost got kicked out of the venue for tryna break into the Jonas Brothers van,” Oxford Art Factory said in their pic caption.

The article also lists her fave bands as RHCP, Blink 182, Bright Eyes, Yellowcard, and Death Cab For Cutie. Goddamn, I miss Yellowcard.

It’s all just too bloody pure for this world, isn’t it.