Jacinda Ardern’s TikTok Doppelgänger Has Returned With A Perfect Earthquake Impression

TikTok’s most famous Jacinda Ardern impersonator has returned, commemorating the Kiwi leader’s unbelievably chill reaction to Monday’s magnitude 5.8 earthquake.

Comedian Melanie Bracewell, who captivated TikTok users earlier this year with her Ardern impression, jumped on the app to recreate the Prime Minister’s nonplussed reaction.

Just like her initial video, Bracewell does a bang up job of capturing the essence of Ardern’s live TV spot.

Unlike her initial foray into the World of Ardern, the latest clip includes a nod to the Beehive – the unique building which holds the PM’s offices and Cabinet.

@meladoodleyeah you may have seen that earthquake clip but that cut out all the other bits jacinda soldiered on through ##nz ##jacindaardern♬ original sound – meladoodle

Bracewell also maximised her use of the get-up, taking to Twitter to carry on with the “gonna tell my kids…” meme.

Good gear – and a vastly different brand of political commentary than Australia’s own TikTok scene has kicked up.