Jacinda Ardern & Rhys Darby Join Forces To Finally Put New Zealand On The Map

Can you place New Zealand on a map?

You’d hope so, but according to Tourism New Zealand‘s latest advertising campaign, a fair whack of you can’t because it keeps getting left off.

From stock photos of Planet Earth on Getty and Shutterstock to the map at New York‘s iconic Central Park Zoo, lil’ old NZ can’t cop a guernsey.

With this in mind, the country has recruited none other than Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and prime comedian man Rhys Darby to get to the bottom of this clear conspiracy theory and find answers to why the sheep-heavy nation keeps getting left out.

In it, Ardern and Darby form an investigative dream team to rival Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler and corroborate to uncover the reasons behind the offensive, repeated omissions.

Is it because the Aussies want to steal New Zealand’s tourists? Or is it that the Brits trying to get rid of the All Blacks? The French, do they want all of NZ’s wine awards?

Watch the full thing here and decide for yourself, sheeple:

Commenters were quick to throw out their individual theories, as well as some jimmy rustling.

“We need places like New Zealand to remind us that the world is beautiful and magical,” wrote one gentleman.

“Maybe not the actual New Zealand, but places like it. Can anyone think of any off the top of their heads?”

We see what you did there. And we, as proud Australians, like it.