A TikToker Has Revealed Ben Affleck Knew He Was Going Viral For Being Sad At The Grammys & Kept Doing It Anyway

After becoming a meme at the Grammys for being TOO SAD, a source has revealed what J-Lo and Ben Affleck were really chatting about during that pissy convo.

A ‘seat filler’ for the 2023 Grammys has revealed that Jennifer Lopez told her husband, Ben Affleck, that he was making headlines because he looked too moody during the awards show. And what did he do? He made more sad faces.

Someone pls put on some Phoebe Bridgers and let this man cry it out!

The seat filler, who claims she “sat next to Ben Affleck” during a portion of the show, says J-Lo was showing her husband that he was going viral online for his resting bitch face.

The seat filler went on to TikTok (ofc) to spill the tea.

“J-Lo showed Ben Affleck the phone and was like, ‘Oh my God, honey, look at this meme circulating about you!’ And he was like, ‘Oh God, this again.’ Like, he knew during the performance that he was a meme,” @almostannna said in the video.

“Like, he knew, and he also chose just not to change his expression. I love how unbothered that is.”

“So, I know that she was on her phone and saw it and was like, ‘Honey, this is so funny, like look at this.’ And he was like, ‘Jesus Christ.’”

In one video, J-Lo can be seen having a stern word with Affleck about his lack of emotion, prompting cries for lip readers around the world.

According to a lip reader The Daily Mail hired, J-Lo tells him that he needs to stop the whole schtick.

“Look more friendly. Look motivated.”

Affleck then apparently responded, “I might.”


Affleck would not waiver and he would not smile. #Sadffleck2023!!!

Despite being warned by his wifey that he was becoming a meme for looking like a fkn sadcase, Affleck said, “You know what? Let’s run with this b,” and proceeded to look sad in every possible shot he was in.

Thus, his name is cemented in history as the guy who really, really didn’t want to be at the Grammys. Introverts get it.

TBH, you have to admire someone who understands a #Content opportunity when they see it.

Behold, a compilation of the best of Sadffleck — our moody king.