J-Law Was Hollywood’s Highest Grossing Actor This Year

It’s been a big day for people and money. First came the news that Bill Gates is now the richest bro on the planet (while Amazon’s Jeff Bezos lost $27 million a day) and now Forbes has released their list of The Highest Grossing Actors of 2014. In an announcement that should surprise absolutely no one, Jennifer Lawrence came out on top. 

Bear in mind that highest grossing doesn’t mean highest paid, rather it indicates how much vehicles these actors are attached to earn across a calendar year, combined and tallied. Besides, we already know the most overpaid actor in Los Angeles is Adam Sandler. 
Lawrence, who smashed it on both the silver screen (Hunger Games, X-Men sequels) and the personal ones (‘the fappening‘) this year, earned her studios $1.4 billion. She’s followed up by Chris Pratt, Scarlett Johannson and old faithful, Mark Wahlberg in fourth place. You can view the full list in a really annoying photo gallery that feels like 2002 right here
Congratulations, J-Law. Now go teach Billy Madison a thing or two.
Photo: Mike Coppolla via Getty Images