J.K. Rowling Throws Immeasurable Shade At The Westboro Baptist Church

J.K. Rowling is a stone cold badass.
Not only is the Harry Potter mega-author something of a protective mother hen to her actor brood, but she extends that role to pretty much everyone in a gloriously uncompromising fashion.
And it’s this strict “no dickheads” policy that lead to Rowling getting more than a little shady when – notorious itch that can never seem to be scratched – the Westboro Baptist Church arced up about the recent successful Irish referendum on same-sex marriage with the kind of tiresome inevitability usually reserved for wasps at a swimming pool.
The timeline of events goes like this. Ireland passes same-sex marriage in a landmark public referendum. Shortly thereafter, the sky continues refusing to fall. Overwhelmed by the power and emotion of the moment – as many of us were – Rowling takes to Twitter to celebrate.

And like all things to do with positivity and revelry, a little joyous joking around ensued.

The WBC sees this clear affront to God’s almighty will as a call to arms, and subsequently declares war on this union of Middle Earth and Hogwarts

…completely ignoring the facts that a) They are both fictional characters, b) At least one of them is a dead fictional character, and c) Fuck off.

‘Course Rowling herself decided to put her sentiments forth in a far more eloquent manner.

There was, however, a tiny bit of backlash against Rowling for the comment. Mainly because it’s playing into WBC’s long-held policy of “any publicity is publicity” which, by virtue of this article, we are now complicit.
But the concise and equally as eloquent explanation she gave is worthy of a standing ovation.

That message right there is far more important and powerful than any tiny group of pissant fools from North Goddamned Carolina could ever, ever, ever be.

You get it, J.K. You. Get. It.
Photo: Julian Finney via Getty Images.

via HuffPo.