It Happened! Steve From ‘Stranger Things’ Met His Precious Son Jean-Ralphio

Stranger Things is a great show, but obviously the most key part of it, proven beyond doubt by science, reason and magic, is that Steve is the dad of Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Recreation. The evidence for this claim? Precisely nothing except the fact they look identical.

Also, Parks & Rec creator Michael Schultz confirmed it, so there you have it. Rock. Solid.

Now, finally, after a distant courtship, the internet has finally brought father and son together – as documented on Jean-Ralphio actor Ben Schwartz‘s Twitter – for that most sacred of parental rituals: the first shave. Schultz posed for this photo with Joe Keery, Steve’s actor.

Ahh. There we go. The universe is once again at peace.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Parks & Recreation / Stranger Things.