#IStandWithDuncan Rises In Support Of Pollie-Ripping Ledge From Q&A

Duncan Storrar, the star audience member from last night’s Q&A, has been launched into internet folk hero status after people sympathetic to his plight and equally as pissed at the Government‘s lopsided tax cuts in the budget took to the #IStandWithDuncan hashtag in droves to express their solidarity.

In case you missed it (which is fair enough, Q&A is either nightmarishly boring or a pointless shitfight), Storrar directed a question to Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer about why people in higher income tax brackets were being given cuts when to them it meant nothing, whereas to people like him who have spent most of their lives earning minimum wage it would make a world of difference.
He got an answer in the form of some extremely vague waffling about trickle down economics (which are, for the most part, bullshit) and a horribly inappropriate and tone-deaf anecdote about café owners using their tax break to buy a $6000 toaster, which really only proved his point further.
Needless to say, the internet got mad:

It’s getting pretty clear this election is going to mostly be about low-key class warfare between the people who need Government help to get $6000 toasters and people that just want to be able to feed their families.

Photo: ABC / Q&A.