Isabel Lucas & Chris Hemsworth Lead America’s ‘Red Dawn’ Revolution

Like most things (movies, music, television: you know, all the important stuff), ‘Red Dawn‘ is a remake of a 1984 American war film starring Patrick Swayze, about a group of vigilante all-American teenagers who band together to form a guerrilla resistance group (Wolverines!) after their country is invaded by its Cold War-era enemies. The 2012 reboot was originally scheduled to be a 2009 reboot, but little things like bankruptcy, Thor and The Hunger Games got in the way of that happening.

Good news though for those of you with a displaced sense of patriotism/Isabel Lucas fetish, because the first trailer for Red Dawn 2.0 has arrived and the new face of the American resistance is almost all Australian and comes courtesy of Summer Bay!

Lead by Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas and the almost-semi-kinda-Australian, Connor Cruise(adopted son of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise), in his acting debut ‘Red Dawn‘ also stars Peeta from The Hunger Games, Friday Night LightsAdrianne Palicki, the poor-man’s Javier Bardem, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Josh from Drake & Josh (circa Nickelodeon 2004).

Unlike the ethnically ambiguous and ethically vacant intruders from Australia’s answer to Red Dawn, Tomorrow When The War Began, the invading forces of the original Red Dawn were real-time adversaries Cuba and The Soviet Union. The remake’s initial villain China was changed upon realising just how much money there was to lose in alienating the Chinese audience (plus, Chinese corporations practically own Hollywood these days); as a result the enemy has since been changed to North Korea, because, well:

Sorry, that’s not what you’re here to see. Here’s the trailer for Red Dawn, the all new-and-improved face of thinly-veiled xenophobia lead by regulation hottie Australian actors from Home & Away, who go way back apparently.

Hold me in your arms.

Don’t let me go.

I want to stay forever.

Photos by Kristian Dowling, Patrick Riviere and Stephane L’hostis for Getty Images Entertainment.