‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Isaac Hempstead Wright Explains His Creepy Bran Stare

Game of Thrones star Isaac Hempstead Wright, otherwise known as Bran Stark, otherwise known as the Three-Eyed Raven has revealed the magic behind his super creepy Bran stare. His secret? Shitty eyesight.

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Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Wright dropped by to dodge spoilers, theories, and chat about the season premiere.

At the very end of episode one, Bran is reunited with Jaime Lannister which is a huuuuuuuge deal but some fans just couldn’t get over the ~staring~. In fact, the Three-Eyed-Raven spent most of the first episode… looking at people.

This meme just about sums it all up.


Wright explained his stare is part-acting and part I-really-can’t-see-anything.

“I’m kind of getting good at this intense stare but it’s actually aided by the fact that I’m completely blind when I’m on set,” he told Kimmel. I don’t have my glasses and I don’t have contact lenses.” 

“I remember I was doing one scene in season seven with Sophie Turner who plays Sansa and she said, ‘Isaac, your stare is like you’re staring into my soul and I’m like ‘I can’t see, that’s why.’”

Wright also revealed that when he was a wee lad, he randomly chose to join the drama club because “soccer club was too cold”. 

“My sixth audition was for this HBO pilot and I knew what none of those words meant,” he added.

And here we are now, ten or so years later.

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