Is Ryan Gosling In Melbourne?

Like UFOs and unicorns, Ryan Gosling is a mythical creature surrounded by a faint glow featured prominently in popular tumblr blogs, but rarely spotted in the 3D real world – certainly not in Australia. Until today! Maybe.

A grainy image that looks kind of similar to the actor (if you squint and cock your head a little) was snapped on the streets of Melbourne and now trending on social media accompanied by the hashtag #Goslingwatch.


According to our sources (celebrity gossip websites and FM radio) the perfect human being in alleged to be in Melbourne – sans lucky bitch girlfriend Eva Mendes – to audition for director Simon West’s local film, Dust and Glory. Manhunt, anyone?

Fans have taken to Twitter with comments such as “Spotted in Fitzroy!?? What a hipster.#goslingfever#goslingwatch” and I thought I saw Ryan Gosling on Degraves but turns out it was just a normal gosling”:

Images via Lucy Buckeridge and Twitter @Team_Devery