Is A ‘Diving With The Stars’ Reality Show Coming To Australian TV?

Deadline Hollywood are reporting that a major Australian network has bought the rights to Celebrity Splash, a reality television diving competition modelled off a hugely successful Dutch format that will see rock bottom Australian celebrities don tight lycra swimsuits and fall with style into a pool of greater depth and from even greater heights that were never quite matched by their careers.

Diving was one of the most meme-generative sports at the Olympics and makes for fantastic – if staggered – viewing, which is perhaps what Channel Seven – the network who have reportedly snagged the show – are banking on by pursuing the series. Celebrity Splash was hugely popular during its original iteration in The Netherlands, where those crafty Dutchmen capitalised on the halo effect of the Olympics with an audience share of 26.5%. The Dutch are also responsible, though often not held accountable, for formulaic reality ratings gold like Big Brother and The Voice, so you can see why Celebrity Splash would look appealing given the current state of Australian TV, where the only things people are watching are descendent from Dutch TV.

Today’s Telegraph reports that the Seven network, home to genre stalwart Dancing With The Stars, has secured rights to a local franchise of the show, which has also been auctioned off to networks in the US, UK and France. Like ‘Dancing‘ (I think?) the show’s format sees celebrities take on a fish out of water role, each week performing different styles of dives from increasing heights. In the lead up to the competition, celebs are given professional diving training from an instructor, with Australia’s golden boy of the 10m platform and influential Vegemite enthusiast, Matthew Mitcham, reportedly in talks for the role of mentor.

With that in mind, here are a few other things we’d like to see from Celebrity Splash:

A slow-motion montage set to The Presets‘ ‘Ghosts‘.

A shock jock seriously injure themselves.

A WAG. Any WAG. This one will probably be available and is comfortable in her skin/on Seven.

A guest mentor in Tom Daley.

Larry Emdur doing a handspring launch off a 10m platform.

The introduction of (mostly harmless) bull sharks from Sydney Harbour to add some Jeff Probst factor to the show.

A politician with no pressing commitments to his party and who isn’t adverse to Speedos.

Photo by Stefan Postles via Getty Images

A seriously good wardrobe (malfunction).

A Masterchef judge defect from Ten before sinking to similar lows.

The requisite number of ex-pageant models, MTV hosts and department store faces/abs.

Photos by Stefan Gosatti and Lisa Maree Williams

Mel B in any way, shape or form.

Photo by Al Bello via Getty Images