People Are Convinced Irena Doesn’t Win The Bachelor After She Liked This One Insta Comment

Bachelor favourite Irena Srbinovska may have just hinted that she’s not the winner of Locky Gilbert‘s heart after all. Or, she did a WHOOPSIE DAISY on the ol’ Instagram. Either, or. Here’s what happened.

Last Thursday, Irena posted a piccie to mark The Bachelor Australia‘s historic descent into Zoom Town. It was the first time in the franchise’s entire history that things turned virtual.

Fans of the nurse flooded the above picture with their love and admiration… and thoughts on Locky.

As The Wash first posted out, Irena liked one of the comments that read: “You’re too good for him tho!!!”


There are a couple of conclusions we can make here.

Option A: Irena, who is tipped to win the whole bloody thing, isn’t actually the lass Locky chooses, and she’s trying to tell us just that.

Option B: Irena is Locky’s choice, but they’ve already split. That would suck, though, so let’s banish this from our minds ASAP.

Option C: Irena accidentally liked the comment. It happens. I do it all the time.

Option D: She’s messing with us.

I reckon it’s the last option, because she also liked the response to that comment: “awww he’s lovely also”. Maybe she just thought it was a cheeky jab. Maybe she just liked it to throw us off the scent.

Anywho, I have my money on Irena and Bella Varelis making it to the final two. That much is obvious.

Interestingly, Sportsbet – what the hell do they know and who are their sources? – tipped Irena as the last woman standing, but eliminated contestant Nadine Kodsi leaked Bella as the winner.

In an Instagram story, Nadine claimed to have been told who the winner is in a group chat with the rest of the contestants.

“From what I have been told, it’s Bella,” she said.

Make of that what you will, I guess.

Back to Irena, the nurse recently shared that she returned to work when filming of The Bachelor was put on hold due to COVID-19.

“I couldn’t sit at home waiting for the show to resume knowing that my colleagues were fighting a global pandemic,” she said on Instagram.

“I had to help and do my small part.”

What a star.

The Bachelor continues Wednesday, 7.30pm on Channel 10.