The Internet Is Having A Cathartic Yell About The Most Infuriating TV Plots

Before social media really took hold, we were forced to quietly seethe about life’s little injustices. If you had a problem, you could either tell your journal or, god forbid, someone you actually trusted with your emotions. Nowadays, though? Your problem is everyone’s problem, baby, and Twitter is just waiting for you to go hog-wild on every setback hiccup existence kicks up.

That ready-made echo chamber has received an absolute workout over the past 24 hours, thanks to literary agent Juliet Mushens. She had the gall to ask what really rankles the average Twitter user:

And the responses are as rabid as they are numerous.

We’ve got Friends, with a minor caveat:

There’s Gilmore Girls, despite its revival:

Of course there’s How I Met Your Mother:

The drawn-out drama that was Pretty Little Liars:

The game-changing departure in The Office:

Gossip Girl’s propulsive twist:

The rampant savagery in Sex & The City:

The recent but no less confusing tonal shift in Sherlock:

Ugh, fucking Dexter:

Then, there’s the future disappointment that Game Of Thrones promises:

And someone who is still upset an adult (and extra-dimensional) FBI agent didn’t shack up with a high schooler:

Seriously, Agent Dale Cooper was always far too busy scarfing pie and fighting evil itself to waste it all on a cashed-up kid. And that’s the coffee tea.

With that in mind, if you feel like having a scream into the void, feel free to do so right HERE.