The Internet Is Absolutely Frothing Over This New Pic Of Logan Lerman And… They’re So Right

The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and for some reason known to God and only to God, Logan Lerman is trending on Twitter.

With 42.6K Tweets about Logan Lerman this morning, I just had to see what all the fuss was about. It’s always nerve-wracking checking out why a celebrity is trending these days, but thankfully the internet is only frothing over this brand new pics of Logan Lerman.

Lerman, dubbed the “original white boy” and the “only white boy” by Twitter, has been in our hearts since most of us were young, when he debuted with Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Now he’s even hotter, with salt and pepper hair and a dreamy smouldering stare to boot. Honestly, big fan.

Twitter has, as they usually do, taken the pictures of Lerman and shared them around like hotcakes, with some hilariously horny memes to boot.

The pics originally appeared on the Instagram of Lerman’s gf Analuisa Corrigan, who he has been together with for quite some time now.

Swipe right a couple of times for the golden hour money shot.

Looks like we’ll need to keep the hungry eyes to ourselves y’all, he’s happily taken.

Honestly, Logan Lerman has always been hot at every stage of our lives, and just when we needed him most, he evolved. That’s king shit.

It is as of yet unclear what projects Lerman has under his belt, but honestly, Timothée Chalamet needs to stop taking all the roles and give the other guys a chance.