The Instagram Dedicated To Sassy Prince George Memes Is All You Need In Life

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Please welcome the best Instagram account of all-time: catty Prince George memes.

Otherwise known as the Instagram account of Will and Grace executive producer Gary Janetti, the account takes the well-established concept of Prince George being a sass machine, and makes it bitchy. It’s been around for awhile now, but if you’re not following already this is a PSA: get amongst it.

I die.

Prince George – I mean Janetti – mostly uses his Instagram account to roast his aunt Meghan Markle, who wed his uncle Prince Harry in May 2018.

Back then, Royal Wedding mania led to 1000 headlines spinning any dull detail about the wedding into an attention-grabbing feature which saw Sassy Prince George hit his stride. Stories like “The Priceless Wedding Gift Meghan Markle Will Receive Ahead Of Her Wedding” are popping up on the daily, so praise be to Jesus that we have George around to reply, “A stylist?” 

It’s a thing of beauty that Prince George’s natural charisma lends itself to being the snarky lil’ sass royal he so obviously is. That is what being born with the knowledge that you’ll inherit a country does to you, I suppose. I wouldn’t know.

But if you think Meghan is getting a particularly hard time of it, then never fear: Prince George’s ire has also honed in on Kylie Jenner, Cynthia Nixon, and his own baby sister / family.

Life as a baby royal is really, really, really hard, you guys.

But personally? I cannot wait for Prince George to grow up and become the first royal to send bitchy subtweets.

Please go follow @garyjanetti at once, for your life shall surely be changed for the better. That’s all.