Disgusting human beings, welcome. This is your ~safe space~ to simply enjoy the calming wonder that is removing weird shit from peoples skin.

Most likely, you’re here because you love Dr. Pimple Popper, the US dermatologist who gained fame and notoriety for her pimple/blackhead/cyst popping videos.

I personally cannot handle the Pimple Popper vids. While some quality blackhead squeezing definitely gets me turned on – sorry, but we’re all friends here right? We can acknowledge there’s something oddly sexual about it – slicing a cyst open is officially in the too-far books for me. No judgement if you enjoy, just not my thing.

You know what absolutely IS my thing? INGROWN HAIR REMOVAL. Goddamn, finding an ingrown hair is like Christmas for me. When you see the little squiggly thing slide on out? Proper full-body shivers.

Clearly I’m not alone in this, judging by an Instagram account that’s now going viral thanks to it’s extreme close-up videos of ingrown removals. Creepy friends, welcome to ‘Tweezist‘.

There’s literally no information provided as to who started Tweezist, the credentials of the person behind the account – anything. It’s just here for our pleasure.

Look at this baby. LOOK AT IT GOOOOO.

Goddamn, fuck writing anything else today ‘cos I’ll just be watching these on loop.

There’s plenty more where these came from, so why don’t you hit up their Instagram account now – it’s Friday anyway, who does any work on Friday?

Image: The 40 Year Old Virgin