An unknown celebrity slash influencer has gone viral for posting a truly deranged job ad seeking a personal assistant, and honestly all we want is to know who this person is.

The posting, on the website, was taken down earlier today, although fortunately, some managed to get screenshots, so it can live on in infamy.

The ad indicated that a well-known influencer, with more than ten million followers, was seeking a well-organised personal assistant to help her out for a part-time gig.

So what would this part-time job (with the potential to become full-time) actually entail? Glad you asked.

The ideal candidate would be available for around eight hours a day, and be responsible for planning and managing calendar activities as well as cooking and cleaning.

The applicant would also handle communication with producers, videographers, managers, editors, “all stylists”, cleaners, other celebrities and friends.

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The applicant would also be required to research for all pre- and post-production activities for the YouTuber (the person is apparently a YouTuber) and handle all personal tasks.

This is where it starts to get really sinister:

“You will have to answer your phone/be on call almost 24/7. You must keep all emotion/private matters completely away from this world. You will deal with lots of incredibly private matters. You must be able to handle hundreds of small tasks at once.” 

“You must be able to be the bad guy, remove emotion and handle intense conversations, and bounce back instantly from any mistakes without emotion … Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, you must be willing to travel anywhere at any time.”

For the privilege of giving up all emotion and being on call at all hours, the influencer was willing to pay the successful applicant $25-$30 an hour.

The ad then stipulated a number of other responsibilities for the job, including “wake the client each day” with schedule and coffee.

Yeah, of course, this person does not sound like they would be REMOTELY terrifying first thing in the morning, before the coffee kicks in.

It’s a safe bet that the job ad was deluged by a million troll applicants before it went down, so we may never know who posted it or whether they found their ideal person.

You can see it below:

Image: Getty Images / iStock