Here in Australia, we had a lot of celebrate over the weekend as COVID cases nationwide were at zero. ZERO!!! Over in the States, however, they’re still in a pretty shit position, so why this L.A. influencer thought it was totally fine and normal to throw a packed Halloween party is beyond me.

TMZ reports that an influencer party was shut down by the police ‘cos it was deemed too “COVID unsafe.”

On Friday night, scores of partygoers flocked to an event thrown by an unnamed influencer at a lush residence in Bel Air, California. In attendance were a who’s who of local influencers, including TikTok stars, YouTubers, and beauty bloggers.

Although the crib was ‘yuge, it still was not able to accomodate for the insane amount of folks who rocked up and people were crammed into small spaces, unable to socially distance, and apparently most partygoers were not wearing a mask.

“A Halloween party packed to the gills with TikTokers, YouTubers and many others was unceremoniously broken up by cops after numerous complaints that the bash was COVD unsafe,” the publication reports.

The publication adds that law enforcement rocked up at about 2AM to bust up the party, following several complaints of noise, COVID restrictions being broken and parking dramas from neighbours.

No arrests were made and it’s unclear if the influencer who allegedly owns the house was cited.

TMZ shared footage of a sea of influencers and partygoers fleeing the party as the cops arrived and, yeah, it’s definitely not COVID safe.


Influencer Elijah Daniel took the piss out of the attending celebrities on his Twitter, writing, “Every influencer’s Instagram story tomorrow morning,” followed by the following sarcastic rant:

“I’m so sorry I threw a massive party 🙁 I’m 100% taking 100% accountability, I’m taking so much accountability that I became an accountant. I now understand it was irresponsible to have 300 unmasked people making out, but I really needed the clout. I’m sowwwwwy.”

It’s still unclear who threw the party, but I’m just waiting for their lengthy apology to be tweeted (and ripped apart).