#ImStickingWithTony Backfires As Opposition Sarcastically Comandeers Campaign

What started with a harmless letter of love and loyalty to our PM and key Game of Tones player Tony Abbott—by Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly—the internet has now gulped down its cynical, fiery, unforgiving throat – a sarcastic brand of #ImStickingWithTony has emerged.


Craig Kelly originally posted on his Facebook page, with a confusing “#AT” (?) to start it off, throwing his full support behind T-Abs in light of the current leadership crisis. “I’m sticking with Tony”, he wrote.

Anti-Abbott supporters, bless their efficient souls, jumped upon the positive “I’m Sticking With Tony” campaign, quickly warping the sentiment of support into one of discontent and mockery: craftily undermining the campaign altogether. 

Adding insult to injury, Malcolm Turnbull has briefly addressed the media this morning, officially standing as a key frontbencher who has not vehemently expressed his loyalty and commitment to overturn the Spill motion set in place tomorrow—keep in mind, a leadership vote is not necessarily on the cards tomorrow morning: the caucus first has to green-light the motion that was put forward on Friday—at this point, all signs point to Turnbull planning his candidacy.

Furthering that, Turnbull has labelled Abbott’s decision to move the LNP meeting a “captain’s call”, a sick burn if we’ve ever heard one, considering Abbott announced just last week that ‘captain’s picks’ were off the table. 

Some of the highlights of #ImStickingWithTony include, but are not limited to, the tweets below. 

Come tomorrow, we’re expecting this to blow up in a fashion worthy of a Michael Bay sequel, AKA, we can’t wait.

Lead image by Cameron Spencer via Getty.