Well, it looks like the next I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! celeb intruder has been leaked, thanks to a sneaky editing fail.

WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD, DUH! Well… Not really, it was *in* the episode, but if you didn’t catch it and don’t want it to be spoiled, exit this yarn now.

During Monday’s episode of the show that I’m weirdly obsessed with, Channel 10 gave us a sneaky teaser filled with clues to help us decipher who the next intruder will be.

“I’m a pretty good people person and I love making new friends,” the female intruder said in the teaser clip.

“But being so involved in a celebrity life, my life is, you know, photoshoots and everything glamorous, always hair and make-up and red carpets.”

And look, the clues were pretty cryptic, but it was all pointless because they left her bloody name tag on her backpack!

Honestly, pour one out for the poor editing assistant who will probably get a stern talking to for this one.

So you’re probably wondering who’s entering the jungle, right?

Well, the mystery intruder was carrying a bag with the name Alli written on it.

“I am terrified of cockroaches, mostly. Spiders, pretty much any kind of insects,” she said in the teaser.

“But deep down, like, I’m an Aussie girl, I’m more excited for Australia to see a side of me that they probably don’t know.”

Even before anyone clued on to the name tag, fans flocked to Twitter to point out that it sounds *exactly* like Alli Simpson – aka Cody Simpson’s little sister.

If the guesses and the name tag weren’t enough to convince you, she’s also been interacting with other jungle alumni like Jack Vidgen and Abbie Chatfield on social media.

Personally, I’m still sad that Lindsay Lohan hasn’t entered the jungle, but hey, I’m sure Alli Simpson will be just as good.