This year’s season of I’m A Celeb certainly hasn’t been short on scandals, perhaps the biggest being the ep that comedian Ash Williams was thirsting over Abbie Chatfield and Alli Simpson.

After spending the night kissing and cuddling Abbie, Ash said that he was disappointed to find that Alli had suddenly entered the camp as she’s more his type.

“Yeah it’s very tough because in all seriousness, like, [Alli] is way more my type,” Ash told Grant Denyer, literally just after emerging from a sleeping bag with Abbie.

Poor Abbie and Alli. The shit they’ve had to put up with. (Credit: Ten)

Abbie later took to Instagram to express her disappointment at how she’d been treated by the comedian during the ep of I’m A Celeb.

“If you think your love life is bad, imagine consistently being second best on national TV,” she wrote via IG Stories.

Shen then addressed Ash’s sentiment that spending the night with Abbie in the ep was “bad timing” as it was just before Alli entered the camp and he would’ve preferred to be with her.

“Yeah super funny. Super good. Sorry for trapping you with ‘bad timing’,” she wrote.

“Sorry you asked me to stay in your bed and then again the next night.

“Love feeling like charity work.”

So it’s safe to say she’s well and truly done with it, right? Well, according to a new interview with aforementioned I’m A Celeb star Grant Denyer, we haven’t seen the end of this debacle.

Speaking to HuffPost Australia, the host revealed that there’s more to come in the Ash / Abbie sitch, and apparently Real Housewives of Melbourne star Pettifleur Berenger is smack bang in the middle.

“Can I just say, it ain’t over yet,” Grant told the site.

I'm A Celeb Australia stars

Grant, Pettifluer and Ash on I’m A Celeb.

“There’s a fight on the cards between two of the strongest power players in the whole camp for someone’s heart, and Pettifleur is at the fore,” he added.

Grant said Pettifluer basically has a thing for Ash so she gets involved in the whole shebang.

“She is fearless and she’s a woman who knows what she wants and she’ll stop at nothing to get it,” he revealed.

Ok fair enough and all, but hasn’t Abbie been through enough? Ugh.