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To all my fellow true crime weirdoes, I am coming to you with the important info that there’s a brand-new, one-off episode of true crime masterpiece I’ll Be Gone In The Dark dropping later this month.

The docu-series, which charts both the Golden State Killer’s (also known as the East Area Rapist and the Original Night Stalker) reign of terror and true crime writer Michelle McNamara‘s all-consuming quest to identify him, was a critically-acclaimed smash hit when it premiered on HBO (and Showcase / Binge in Australia) last year.

Seriously gripping and devastatingly emotional, I remember yelling in anger at the television when Joseph James DeAngelo first appeared in I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, in court to face the charges against him. He was found guilty of 13 murders as well as 13 kidnapping-related charges, and sentenced to life in prison in August 2020. Due to the statute of limitations on sexual assault in California, he was unable to be tried for the dozens of rapes he admitted to committing between 1976-1979.

And now, there’s a new I’ll Be Gone In The Dark episode which focuses on the cold case which kicked off Michelle McNamara’s obsession with true crime: the 1984 rape and murder of Kathy Lombardo in Michelle’s hometown of Oak Park, Illinois. The special, like with the OG six-part series, weaves in Michelle’s original research, voice recordings and interviews with people close to the case.

Check out the trailer right here:

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark: Special Episode premieres on June 22 on Binge. To sign up in preparation (and in the meantime watch other bangers like Mare of Easttown), head to Binge HERE.

Image: HBO