If You Need Tilda Swinton She’ll Be Sleeping in A Glass Box at MOMA For Art Reasons

In water still wet news: British thespian Tilda Swinton has been doing some typically eccentric Tilda Swinton things in New York this past week.

Namely, resting the eyes of the freakishly realistic human being face prosthetic wrapped around her martian-android head node and booting down/falling asleep in a tiny glass box at the Museum of Modern Art last weekend, because, performance art.

According to Gothamist, Swinton’s performance is dubbed The Maybe. As in, maybe that’s the White Witch of Narnia? Or, maybe she’s dead? Or, maybe that’s a Ron Mueck piece? No wait it moved. Shit, this thing is really freaking me out right now.   

The performance, staged previously at the Serpentine Gallery in London and the Museo Barracco in Rome, involves the cult UK actress reaching for something of questionable artistic importance by sleeping in a tiny glass prison all day, something Gen Y New Yorkers have been doing for years now.

The piece will take place six more times this year at random times and locations around the gallery.    

This is the work’s identity card…

Via Gothamist