If You Like ‘Hamilton’ & Beyoncé, This Mashup Is Likely To Make You Climax

You love Beyoncé? Who doesn’t! What about the critically-acclaimed musical, ‘Hamilton’? How could you not?!
Well boy oh boy, are you in for a bloody TREAT. 
Los Angeles artist Michael Korte has finally created something we didn’t know we wanted but totally, without a doubt, needed: A Bey / Hamilton mashup. 
That’s all it is – Hamilton songs mashed with an iconic and very thorough Queen Bey discography. 
The talented group featured in the medley are India Carney, Vincint, Mariah Maxwell, Jej Millanes, Kelly Margareth Lee and Jamond McCoy, and the mashup is created by Korte and arranged by Jared Jenkins.
We’ve been treated to the aural smooshing of “Alexander Hamilton”, “Partition,” “Helpless,” “6 Inch,” “Crazy in Love,” “Wait for It,” “Dangerously in Love,” “My Shot” “Survivor,” “Guns and Ships,” “Irreplaceable,” “The Story of Tonight”, “Countdown” and many, many more. 

*goes home sick from work*
*closes bedroom door*
*puts on headphones*

You / us / everyone:

Source: Youtube.