Idris Elba Is The Nanny Of Yr Dreams In Netflix’s ‘Turn Up Charlie’ Trailer

Turn Up Charlie

It’s hard to imagine superstar actor and 2018’s Sexiest Man Alive Idris Elba sucking at life because the man simply rules. But, in his new Netflix Original series, he’s a struggling DJ turned nanny.

Hoo bloody boy.

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Turn Up Charlie tells the tale of eternal bachelor DJ Charlie. The man used to be a y’huge name in the music industry but as we learn, he’s fallen on hard times. Approached by his best mate, David – who also happens to be a massive movie star – Charlie is given one final chance at his dream career because David is married to the mightily successful DJ Sara (Piper Perabo) and David wants to give Charlie a job.

Unfortunately, this new job isn’t on Sara’s line-up, it’s a different sort of a gig – a nanny gig for their daughter Gabby (Frankie Hervey).

Of course, Gabby is a bit of a problem child and wants absolutely nothing to do with nanny Charlie.

Angela Griffin, Guz Khan, Frankie Harvey, and Cameron King co-star.

Catch the trailer below.

Sure, this is completely different to a certain detective by the name of John Luther but it does look like a whole lot of fun.

Now back to the IRL Elba (the ridiculously talented one), Elba actually co-created the series with Gary Reich and served as executive producer. Not to mention, the actor is also an accomplished DJ and shall perform at Coachella this year.

All up, you can expect eight episodes from the new Netflix series – each, a half-hour long so it’s perfect binge material.

The full season of Turn Up Charlie will land on the streaming giant, March 15.