I can’t believe I’m saying this but Freddie from iCarly is HOT, and I mean call- the-fire-department-because-this-man-is-on-fire type hot. Dayum.

Nathan Kress (who plays Freddie) dropped a cute AF pic from the set of the iCarly reboot, which included fellow cast members Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor and a couple randos.

To be honest, I had to do a double take on the pic, because I did not recognise Kress at all. This is word-for-word how the conversation in my head went: “dayum who is that?…wait…no…it can’t be. Freddie?”

Freddie has definitely been hitting the gym and the tanning salon since the show ended. Oh and those pearly whites could quite literally blind someone.

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The long-awaited reboot is coming to Paramount Plus (or 10 All Access in Australia) on June 17. However, not all the cast will be returning which SUCKS, like Jennette McCurdy. 

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Speaking on an episode of her podcast, Empty Inside, McCurdy revealed that she won’t be returning to the iCarly series due to her past trauma with acting.

“My mom put me in it when I was 6 and by sort of age, I guess, 10 or 11, I was the main financial support for my family,” McCurdy said.

“My family didn’t have a lot of money, and this was the way out, which I actually think was helpful in driving me to some degree of success.”

She also said she was “embarrassed” of the roles she played as a teenager and they left her feeling “unfulfilled.”

But luckily, we still have HOT Freddie. So that’s enough of a reason for me to watch. I’m still shocked at what he looks like now. It’s like when pics were released of what the little kid from Stewart Little looks like now, and he has about ten abs.

How can I get a glow up like that?