I’ve always been met with shock and horror whenever I told someone that I’ve never seen Kath & Kim in my life. Not a single episode. Well, now I have. You win, people of Australia. You fkn win.

Growing up in western Sydney, Kath & Kim was never on my radar. Another rewatch of Sky High on a bootleg DVD that some guy from my dad’s work gave us? Yeah, sure. Kath & Kim? Never.

The only thing I really knew about the show was that one clip of Kath running through the streets searching her chasm for meaning and having a meltdown over seeing references to being gay everywhere.

In fact, I never thought I’d ever see an episode of Kath & Kim in my life. I’d definitely missed the boat, there were too many other shows that needed my attention and at this point, not watching the show had become an element of my personality. An annoying element, but a trait nonetheless.

However the other day I was at a friend’s house and they put on an episode of Kath & Kim so that we could have some lovely background noise while we chatted. I, however, was fixated on the show.

Playing before me was Episode 4 from Season 3, “Kicking Up A Stink”. Yep, this is how I lost my virginity. I wasn’t starting right from the top, I was going straight in, no prep or anything.

My first reaction? This show’s fkn hilarious. I know, I know, I’m late to the party. Put away the pitchforks, please!

Jane Turner and Gina Riley are just incredible at what they do, and seeing how an episode plays out from start to finish was so rewarding. This wasn’t just some viral clip, it was a complete piece of comedy with payoffs, setups and jokes that haven’t aged a bit.

Hell, Gina Riley plays TWO characters in this ep and they’re both so different to each other. How DOES she do it?

Perhaps I was watching one of the best episodes of the show, who knows, but I was a big fan.

Would I go back and watch more? Yeah, I think I would.

I was always afraid that Kath & Kim was too Australian for me to appreciate, but that’s really not the case at all. The show is so easily accessible to anyone who knows even a lick of Aussie stereotypes or attitudes, and I definitely see the charm now.

I can now proudly say that I’m a fan. Kath & Kim is noice. It’s different. It’s unusual.

Image: Kath & Kim / Netflix