Cult Netflix Series I Think You Should Leave Finally Has A Return Date In Case Yr Keen, Paul

i think you should leave season 2

After long last, it is happening. The surreal and frenzied energy of Tim Robinson is officially returning for a second season of I Think You Should Leave, once again breathlessly begging/yelling the question: HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU?!

Two years since the first season dropped like a hot mud pie into a joke toilet that’s just for farts, Netflix unleashed the announcement that the sketch comedy show is set to return in early July. Is this Christmas in July? Does this mean Santa really has come early? Are we even gonna get anything now???

The announcement of Season 2, made in the wee hours of this morning, features Tim Robinson accompanied by Sam Richardson (who features in S1) on stage as they cycle through acoustic versions of classic hits from Season 1. All your faves are there; Friday NightBaby Of The Year, the TC Tuggers theme song (they’re not a joke), Moon River RockPalm Tree Girls, and more.

Sure, there’s no The Day That Robert Palins Murdered Me, but I guess you can’t announce something happy with something so spooky.

If you’ve not experienced I Think You Should Leave, it’s a sketch comedy series from the brain of Tim Robinson (Detroiters, SNL). Robinson stars in the majority of the sketches, usually as the main character, with each scenario concentrating in on some inane part of life to the point where it becomes bizarre and nearing on cringeworthy and painful to watch.

That, and it’s so insanely quote-able, but all the quotes just sound like you’ve lost your mind a bit.

Following the success of Season 1 of ITYSL – and people collectively realising how much they love Ruben Rubasa and his very good car ideas – the show was renewed for another season to be produced by The Lonely Island‘s production company, Irony Point. Fingers crossed this means we also get blessed with appearances from the likes of Tim HeideckerWill Forte, Kate Berlant, Cecily Strong, Patti Harrison, Andy Samberg, and even Steven Yuen – provided he doesn’t use too small a slice this time.

Season 2 of I Think You Should Leave is set to land on Netflix from July 6, and if you want to catch up on Season 1 (or rewatch it again for the 20th time like me) it’s still up over on Netflix.

That’s a Chunky (I still don’t know what a Chunky is, I’m very sorry.)