This ‘I Still Believe’ Movie Poster 100% Says Anus & I’ll Fight Anyone Who Disagrees

The Jeremy Camp biographical drama film I Still Believe is hitting Aussie cinemas next week, but, more importantly, its promotional image says anus in cursive.

In the lead up to the film, which stars KJ APA, cinemas have obviously been promoting its impending release with an image featuring one of Camp’s lyrics “the only place I can go is into your arms.” But thanks to some stellar font choice on this particular image, it arguably reads a little different.

Say what you will, but at first glance, it literally reads anus.


Bless that misleading cursive writing.

I’m imagining a bunch of executives sitting around a large table, looking at the prototype, and thinking, yep, that’s the font. That’s the one – doesn’t allude to other words, particularly a certain orifice.

As expected, the comments asked the poster, the cinema, or anyone, really, to clarify as where it was that KJ goes into.

Important questions, as arms and anuses are very different and the answer would most certainly dictate whether you needed to douche or have the freedom to tuck into that three-course curry.

To be fair, though, if the only place KJ could go was into his partner’s anus, I’m sure the film would still be a wild success. Actually, it would probably result in more bums on cinema seats.

With this in mind, I now propose a new version of the Christian biographical drama, in which the only place the protagonist can go is into your anus. Brazzers? Pornhub? Hit me up –  I’ll gladly write the script.