Hunk Of British Beef Gregg Sulkin Spotted Cosying Up To Stallone’s Daughter

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time can be pretty bloody scary. They definitely want to make sure that their precious sweet-heart isn’t dating anything less than a prince, and they’ll absolutely let you know if you don’t meet their expectations.

Now, imagine your girlfriend’s dad is a super-duper famous actor, renowned around the world for his ability to absolutely kick ass.

Pretty fkn terrifying right?

Well, not if you’re Über handsome British actor Gregg Sulkin, who had absolutely no qualms about cosying up to Sylvester Stallone’s daughter Sistine while the pair were out at the reopening of LA hotspot Hyde.

Speaking to Page Six, a spy outside the establishment said the couple were “Holding hands and kissing”, they went on to say that the pair looked “adorable together” and that Gregg was lookin’ pretty smitten.

The rumoured couple had a feed while sharing the company of several elite peeps, including Michael B. Jordan, Mickey Rourke, Odell Beckham Jr., Billy Corgan and Scott Eastwood.