Noted Hollywood explosion scientist Michael Bay has called out Transformers star Hugo Weaving after the actor took a gigantic shit on the director’s IMDB profile called his voice-over work for the franchise “meaningless”. Weaving, who voiced gun-transforming Decepticons overlord Megatron, told that he had never read the script, cared about the film or even met with the director.

“It honestly was a two-hour voice job. It was one of the only things I’ve ever done where I had no knowledge of it, I didn’t care about it. In one way, I regret that bit. I don’t regret doing it, but I very rarely do something if it’s meaningless. It was meaningless to me, honestly. I don’t mean that in any nasty way,” he said.

“I never read the script. I just have my lines, and I don’t know what they mean. That sounds absolutely pathetic! I’ve never done anything like that, in my life.”

In retaliation, Bay took to his website where he labeled the actor a whiner, advising him to stop with the “trivial complaints”. Which, to be honest, is a totally justified and appropriate way to respond to someone who complains about making $200,000 a day by chilling in a booth for two hours and pretending they’re a robot.

“Do you ever get sick of actors that make $15 million a picture, or even $200,000 for voiceover work that took a brisk one hour and 43 minutes to complete, and then complain about their jobs?” Bay wrote. “With all the problems facing our world today, do these grumbling thespians really think people reading the news actually care about trivial complaints that their job wasn’t ‘artistic enough’ or ‘fulfilling enough’?”

“What happened to people who had integrity, who did a job, got paid for their hard work, and just smiled afterward? Be happy you even have a job – let alone a job that pays you more than 98% of the people in America.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time the director has clashed with his Transformers stars. Megan Fox famously compared the director to Hitler while Shia Labeouf criticised the franchise for failing to maintain its focus on relationships (???).