Hughesy’s Family Are Reportedly Filthy About His Surprise $3m ‘Block’ Bid

Dave Hughes‘s impulse buy of the winning property on The Block last night caught the attention of lots of people (us included). Which is understandable: an Australian celebrity popping in to a renovation show’s final auction to drop more than $3 million on an impulse purchase property is fairly newsworthy.

Of course, you’d expect that it wouldn’t be news to the bloke’s closest family – and you’d expect wrong.

Okay, so Hughesy’s wife Holly and son Rafferty did know that he was planning on bidding on the house, but as Holly told Kate Langbroek on KIIS.FM today, they specifically asked him not to be such a bloody show-off about it.

The only thing I asked was, ‘If you are going to bid can you please just do it through an advocate so we can keep it private’. I didn’t think he’d end up buying it either.

That worked out well, didn’t it.

Hughesy, for his part, still thinks the house was a “bargain“, to which Holly has responded:

It’s not a bargain. Raffy’s whispering people were hassling him about it at school. Raffy’s saying he feels like dad was showing off.

You know, we reckon Raffy might be onto something, there.

Oh well – if the worst of your troubles is that your larrikin husband went and bought an extra house on a whim and then accidentally ended up in front of the cameras when he promised you he would do exactly the opposite… y’know, things probably could be worse.

Much worse.