World’s Nicest Guy and hirsute triple threat, Hugh Jackman, will receive a shining gold star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame to honour his outstanding contribution to both facial hair and the arts through his work on Blue Heelers, Swordfish and Van Helsing. Just kidding, they were terrible. It’s probably more to do with his work on films like Affiliated Marvel Projects and Les Miserables, in which he delivers a performance that puts him in good stead to face off against chameleonic method actor Daniel Day Lewis for the title Best Actor at next year’s Academy Awards.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced on Friday (Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Standard Time) that Our Hugh will receive his star in a special star ceremony taking place on December 13th, just as awards season campaigns begin to kick into overdrive. 

Walk of Fame producer, Ana Martinez, said “Fans from around the world have been consistently asking when this star will be dedicated. We are happy to say that now is the time. Hugh is one of the world’s most popular actors and we are excited that he is joining our Walk of Fame family,” amongst the stars in their multitude.

Ever the gentleman, Hugh, no doubt, will be on hand to perform a rousing rendition of any request you care to throw his way and will humbly accept another notch on the belt of his accolades with the grace and aplomb usually reserved for fellow Walk of Famers like Meryl Streep and Winnie The Pooh.



via Sky News

Photo by Graham Denholm via Getty