Hugh Jackman Used His “Truce” With Ryan Reynolds To Troll Him Into Dust

Nothing gold can stay, not even a peaceful co-existence between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

[jwplayer 4FeQmkjm]

The duo has been ~~~~very seriously~~~~ biffing online for quite some time now, however it all seemingly fizzled out last week when the superhero duo called an “official truce,” with the hatchet seemingly buried.

As part of the peace agreement, Jackman and Reynolds each agreed to shoot a commercial for the other’s company; in Jackman’s case that’d be Laughing Man Coffee, while for Reynolds it’s Aviation Gin.

Seems all fair and reasonable, right? Nothing untoward there? Everything as it should be once again?

Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, no.

The feud, it would seem, is very much still on thanks to Jackman and Reynolds revealing their respective ads earlier today.

While Reynolds took his side of the bargain very seriously, it seems Jackman never really believed the feud was off in the first place, and the resulting gin ad is probably the best booze-related commercial ever produced.

Laying the gin bottle down so it pours out over the table is as savage as it is utterly brilliant. Poor Ryan never saw that shit coming.

It’s hard to see where the feud goes from here, and it’s doubly hard to see how Reynolds recovers from being owned that thoroughly.

War is hell, folks.