How & When You Can Watch Paris Hilton’s Revealing New Doco ‘This Is Paris’ In Australia

how to watch this is paris

Paris Hilton’s upcoming documentary This Is Paris is less than a week away, and considering that we already know she’s set to spill some tea, it’s probably worth noting how, where and when to watch it.

watch this is paris

How To Watch This Is Paris:

This Is Paris premieres on September 14, 2020 exclusively on her YouTube channel. The documentary will be available to stream for free worldwide, so it’s perfect binge-worthy content if you don’t have the spare cash to shell out for another streaming service.

There’s no exact release time just yet, but you can turn on notifications to be the first to know when it drops. Considering Hilton lives in LA (17 hours behind AEST), the documentary will likely drop in the evening, or early in the morning of the 15th here in Australia.

What To Expect From This Is Paris:

The documentary is a full-length film, so there’s 103 minutes of quality content to binge that is set to focus on the “real” Paris Hilton.

Throughout the doco, Hilton is expected to discuss topics she’s never spoken about publicly before including the alleged abuse she faced at Provo Canyon Boarding School and at the hands of partners in the lead up to the release of her infamous sex tape in 2003.

“I feel like the whole world thinks they know me because I’ve been playing this character for so long,” she says in the trailer.

“No one really knows who I am. Something happened in my childhood that I’ve never talked about with anyone. I still have nightmares about it.”

Oh, and let’s not forget how she revealed that the The Simple Life Paris we all know and love is merely a character (that frankly deserves an Oscar).

Considering how much she’s already revealed in the lead up to the documentary’s release, it’s safe to bet that This Is Paris is set to spill some serious tea.

Watch The Trailer: