How To Stream The Entire Cricket World Cup So You Aren’t The Odd One Out
PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Kayo Sports to make sure you're not left out in the field.

I grew up in a very devoted cricketing family. Both my parents and my brother have represented Australia in indoor cricket, they’ve all played outdoor, and as for me? I had zero talent for the sport. But here’s what you won’t expect: despite not being about to play myself, I absolutely love the game.

Playing may not be my forte, but watching? Heck yes, I can do that like a champion. Give me a cricket stream over reality shows ANY DAY.

cricket world cup

For real though, once you’ve wrapped your head around the rules, it’s one of the most engaging sports to get your peepers on – and honestly there are so many different forms that it’s hard not to find one that you’ll love. Personally? I love watching the ICC Cricket World Cup. The stakes are high, the standard is higher and the atmosphere is, well, stratospheric.

It’s a great place for newcomers to cricket to join the stream and check it out ‘coz everyone will be watching – and luckily for you folks, the ICC Cricket World Cup is almost upon us now. The first match is on the 30th of May, with England playing against South Africa in London.

You’ll want to have eyes on this first match to wrap your head around the game, because Australia plays their first match only two days later on the 1st of June, against Afghanistan. By then you’ll have a solid understanding, so you can join in when your mates go off at a dodgy LBW call or a close run-out.

cricket world cup

Whether you’re a cricket newbie or you’ve been bowling spin since you were a kid, you can catch every single ICC Cricket World Cup match on Kayo Sports (as well as pretty much any other sport you can think of, from darts to lightsaber battle championships – um yes, that’s a legit thing and I WANT IN).

It’s only $25 a month, plus you can swing a 14-day free trial to test it out and see if it’s for you. Not only that, but all the matches are totally live, so you’ll be watching the same time as everyone else in the world.


Image: iStock / richjem