Surely you’ve heard of Raya by now, it’s basically Tinder for celebrities and influencers. It’s super exclusive and you need a pass to get on there and even then, you need to prove that you have a decent enough status in order to be able to join the ranks.

Big Stonecutters energy.

Well, Love Island star Phoebe Thompson has spilled the tea on Instagram about how not-so-famous folk are managing to get on there.

“It’s pretty much meant to be an exclusive dating app. I think it’s originally designed for models, celebrities, sports people, whatever, it’s pretty pretentious,” she began.

Apparently it’s not all about blue ticks and more so about who you know, so basically you wanna cosy up to the folks at Raya, I guess? Interesting…

“I don’t know if you need a blue tick, yes I’ve got a blue tick but I’ve got other friends who have blue ticks and are still on the waiting list to get on there,” she said.

“I also have friends that have just known someone that has worked for Raya and they’ve been able to have an account with them.”

You can’t just download the dating app and start swiping like Tinder, you need to fill out an application that includes your location, work, place of employment, and Instagram handle (yes, they will be checking out and judging your IG activity).

After submitting their application, you’re then usually placed on a waiting list.

If you know anyone who’s been accepted, you can ask them to send a referral to confirm that you’re not a serial killer, but it’s still no guarantee that you’ll actually get approved.

Daily Mail reports that only about 8 per cent of applicants are approved for Raya so good fkn luck with that one.

International celebs who use Raya include Matthew Perry and Ben Affleck and we know this because both lads were recently embroiled in scandal over their activity on the app.

Head here for what went down with Matthew and here for Ben.