How To Bring Chaos Mode To Every Day Of The Week, According To Me, The Messiest Gal

Chaos Mode

Life can be a tad mundane sometimes. Work, sleep, eat, TikTok –  the whole ~shebang~ can get a little same-y. It’s not a bad thing, we’re all here for routines and the goodness they can deliver to our brains. However, as the world slowly burns around us, we deserve a little bit of self-induced spice considering it’s one of the only things we can truly control.

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter how seemingly boring your daily to-do list is, there’s always an opportunity to up the chaos and embrace the uncertainty of a surprise. I’m not talking “spontaneously decide to move to a flat-earther community” level stuff, but I do have a few small suggestions.


Alright, it’s day one – get your week off to the right start with some moderate-intensity surprise. Do that by letting your co-worker order lunch for you – seriously. You’ll either end up entirely disappointed or, introduced to a whole new world of flavours and blown away by your new favourite meal.

Either way, it’ll end up in a feeling of extreme let-down or enlightenment, and you know what that sounds like to me? Chaos. Don’t suggest the cafe/restaurant, don’t tell them your favourite foods beforehand – allow them to order for you based entirely on the aura and spirit you give off daily.


Alright, I know this doesn’t seem too insane considering most of us spent the majority of 2020 browsing online stores and shopping. But, what’s life without a little sneaky treat? If you’re looking for a no-guilt gift to yourself, eBay has just launched ‘eBay Tuesdays‘, in which they’ll be sliding Plus members a huge number of deals on products weekly.*

There’ll be different items getting their prices slashed each week – for reference, this week you’ll be able to cop a Nintendo Switch for $170 off and an Air Fryer for $79, as well as a slew of other deals that you can suss out here. You’ll also be able to nab $11 HOYTS cinema tickets through eBay on Tuesdays too, while eBay Plus members can score $25 HOYTS LUX tickets as a mid-week treat.


Considering hump-day is generally the longest of all the weekdays, I think ramping up the unholiness of your actions could be the only way to turn things around. Now, one of our biggest collective fears as a human race is to be outed for our social media stalking habits. So, if it’s Wednesday and you’re in the mood to risk it all, scroll down your follow list, pick a culprit and like a random photo from 3 years ago. Do it. See what unfolds. The possibilities are endless.


Keep it simple – send someone you haven’t spoken to in a year this video and await their response:


It’s Friday; it’s party time. Throw away your inhibitions and make a total mess of playlist to whack on at the arvo drinks. Make up a playlist of tunes that generally suit your activity’s vibe, but pop a wildcard track on there to shake things up entirely. I’m talking whacking one single brutal deathcore on your ‘indie vibes’ playlist. A classic opera tune on your hip hop playlist. Throw in a sea shanty as well, for good measure.


If you’re sick to death of being let down by whatever show you’ve committed to bingeing but actually cannot stand, shake things up for yourself. Start a TV show from the last episode – yes, it might spoil everything, but you could give yourself the sleuth-ish mission of trying to figure out how it all happened. The only show I’d probably recommend not starting from the end would be The Sopranos, that’d be taking it way too far.


Go old school baby. It’s the last day of the week, and you’ll want to allow the chaos of this action to bleed into the next. Send chainmail – I’m talking the mildly hectic kind with a message that reads along the lines of ‘send this to three people within the next ten minutes or else’ vibe.

So, are you feeling inspired to zhuzh up your week? Go forth, be messy, you have my blessing. In the end, it’s the little dashes of spice that add up, also have fun with it.

*Deals dropping from 10:00AM AEDT 23 February 2021 at various times and quantities. 1 item per person. While stock lasts. eBay Plus Exclusive. T&Cs apply. 

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