So How Exactly Is Kanye West Going In His Totally Serious Bid To Become President?

Kanye West Presidential Election

As we all may recall, but probably forgot in the throes of election clamour, Kanye West is in fact still running against Joe Biden and Donald Trump for President of the United States.

Sure you may laugh, and nobody would really blame you for doing so, but Kanye is, in fact, in it to win it. (Spoiler: he won’t.) So now that it’s actually election day, how is Kanye actually going in the polls as he goes for the top spot of President of the United States?

Well, the short answer is, he isn’t doing well at all, but he has a surprising number of votes under his belt. One of those votes is actually from himself, which he took to social media to boast about.

He also revealed that this is the first time that he will be voting in his life, and it’s for himself…

As a narcissist, I feel that energy but man… come on.

So how exactly is Kanye West doing at this point? Well, he hasn’t cracked 10k votes in any state, but he’s actually received just over 9,800 votes in Tennessee, which is 0.3% of the total counted votes there. Tennessee is the state with the most West votes so far, and when you think about it, that’s actually quite a few write-ins.

Meanwhile, at the time of writing, West has 6,259 votes in Kentucky (0.3%), 5,344 votes in Oklahoma (0.4%), over 4,083 votes in Louisiana (0.2%), 3,722 votes in Utah (0.4%) and 3,394 votes in Arkansas (0.3%).

These are really the only states worth mentioning, with other states like Vermont only coming up with a measly 1,163 votes (0.4%).

Footage of Kanye West alone in his office have also surfaced online, and it is one of the saddest images you’ll lay eyes on today, unless Trump wins of course.

You really get the sense that Kanye West thought he’d have a chance in this thing.

However, it looks like his own wife, Kim Kardashian West, may not even be voting for him this year, as she has rallied behind Joe Biden on social media. (Good for her.)

Already the memes are piling in about West’s run for president, including the expected jokes about him losing. Please, to take your mind off the election, enjoy.