The Internet Can’t Get Over The Fact This HoTD Sword Daddy Was Every Aussie’s Childhood Crush

The internet’s breeches have officially dampened thanks to a House of the Dragon character named Ser Harwin Strong. He is a big, strong (duh), sexy man with a gorgeous beard and a moral compass — rare for the Game of Thrones universe. But mostly the world is shook by the fact he’s played by every Aussie’s Blue Water High and Packed To The Rafters crush Ryan Corr.

Harwin Strong was introduced in House of the Dragon episode three where he made a bit of flirty eye-contact with our main gal Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock). Then in episode five we saw him rescue Rhaenyra from a brawl and carry her away safely. Say no more.

Obviously — obviously — the internet is absolutely thirsting over him.

@jeniferscout13 SER HARWIN 😍 Daemon whomst?! #serharwinstrong #harwinstrong #houseofthedragon #hbo #gameofthrones #targaryen ♬ suono originale – Sweet Melodies

But it’s not just the fact that we have a genuinely well-intentioned male character on the show. It’s the fact that he’s played by one of the Australia’s most iconic childhood crushes.

Sorry, but if you’d politely informed my 9-year-old self that Matthew from The Sleepover Club AKA Eric from Blue Water High AKA Coby from Packed To The Rafters would become a sword-swinging fantasy daddy, I simply wouldn’t have believed you.

And the internet can’t get over it either.

“You’re telling me that Eric from Blue Water High is the same person as Ser Harwin in the House of the Dragon?” one TikToker wrote.

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Many of the commenters were shaken to their cores over this revelation.

“OMFG cousin Coby from Packed to the Rafters,” someone commented. Fkn same.

But others clocked Ser Strong’s identity right from the get-go.

“Yes!!! As an Aussie I’m becoming so irrationally annoyed that no one is recognising him,” wrote one TikToker in the comments.

Look, I just reckon he should bring back the spiky blonde tips from those Blue Water High days. It’s lowkey giving Targaryen.

brb hanging 10 with king viserys.

House of the Dragon has been absolutely killing it with its Aussie casting: first Milly Alcock and then Ryan Corr? We are blessed.

Fingers crossed the House of the Dragon show-runners read the room and give us a scene of Harwin Strong fighting a dragon while riding a surfboard or something.