Bob Harper, ‘Murican personal trainer, author and host of The Biggest Loser in the US, has suffered a serious heart attack while working out.

Harper was reportedly working up a sweat in a shred shed in New York City when he collapsed two weeks ago. A doctor on the scene performed CPR, but Harper fell unconscious and stayed in this state for two days. 

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The 51-year-old has since been recovering in hospital and has not yet been given the ok to fly back home to Los Angeles.

The trainer took to the ‘gram to today to let his fans know, and to thank his nurse Karl for looking after him.

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Harper told TMZ that his heart condition is genetic, and that his mother had died from a heart attack. But, in true Hollywood style, ‘sources’ have crawled outta the woodwork to suggested the cause of Harper’s illness is that he “pushes himself too hard.”

The very ripped trainer was one of the OG Biggest Loser trainers, a position he held from 2004 – 2015, before being announced as host of the show. Anyone who has watch TBL will know that the trainers push the contestants to their absolute limits; a trend which has been critiqued countless times.

Host Of The US ‘Biggest Loser’ Suffers Massive Heart Attack At NYC Gym

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Of course, whether or not Harper’s obviously intense training regime was to blame, we hope that he has a speedy recovery and gets well soon.

Source: TMZ.

Photo: @trainerbob / Instagram.