Horror King John Carpenter On Board For First ‘Halloween’ Movie In 34 Years

John Carpenter is a pretty strange man who has made some very strange and, occasionally, very bad movies – The Thing is easily one of the greatest horror movies of all time, but Ghosts of Mars and his remake of Village Of The Damned are garbage.

Known for his love of super wide-angle cinemascope, doing his own synth-heavy scores and using the font ‘Albertus’ for nearly all of his title cards, he is the favourite of everyone who loves ridiculous movies that are done very well.
Halloween, which he made in 1978, is a super iconic entry in the slasher genre and established a lot of its tropes and conventions. It was heavily overlooked by critics at the time but is now considered one of the biggest horror movies of all time.
While the film itself is fantastic, the 7 sequels and 2 remakes (helmed by Rob Zombie) that followed it were all more or less complete garbage, probably because Carpenter himself didn’t have much of a hand in them.
That’s all set to change though, with Carpenter set to executive produce a third reboot of the original, alongside Malek Akkad. Akkad is the son Moustapha Akkad, who executive produced the original, which is weird but also cute.
Fingers crossed they don’t fuck this one up, hey.
Source: Variety.