The chilled vibes of Taurus season will dissipate this week as Gemini season begins on Thursday, so expect incoming chaos, of both the positive and negative variety.



Were things getting a little dullsville lately? Well, you’ll be free from boredom soon enough as Gemini season kicks off on Thursday, May 20, and your third house of communication brings forth social vibes. Reconnect with mates you haven’t seen in yonks and be sure to expand your mind in any way you can, whether it’s by diving into a novel you’ve never read before, watching informative docos (that includes the true crime variety, which I know you love), hell, even start following inspo accounts on Instagram. Whatever gets ya mind goin’.



Your season is sadly coming to a close this week but not to worry as Gemini season kicks off on Thursday and brings with it uber powerful energy and a chance to kickstart some major plans you’ve been dreaming up lately. Any passion projects you’ve been working on could be a surefire hit so don’t drop the ball, keep at it and it could really take off.


Your season begins on Thursday, bb, so be sure to use it wisely. Especially after Saturn and Mercury go retrograde, leaving you feeling sluggish and uninspired. Take this time to think about the way you project yourself to the world and focus on editing yourself to be the best version of Y-O-U that you can be.


Taurus szn is ovah, O-V-A-H, OVAH, and in its place comes Gemini szn, inspiring most signs to come out of their shell, but not you, you’ll be remaining in your crab shell for a lil while longer. Why? Oh, because Jupiter is about to send a negative force into your life that’ll have you wanting nothing more than to hide under your doona with snacks and Netflix. I don’t hate that for you, TBH. Enjoy the downtime. The real world sucks.



Get your hottest Leo lewks ready, babay, bc Gemini season kicks off on Thursday and lights a fire under your friendship zone, inspiring you to live your best social queen life. Then on Sunday, May 23, as Saturn goes retrograde in old m8 Aquarius, you’ll suddenly find that one of your relationships will need a lil work, or as I like to call it, TLC.



You’ve been having an absolute ball lately which is fab and all, but once Gemini season kicks off on Thursday, May 20, you’ll need to buckle down and get to werk (which my hard-working Virgo queens usually have no problems with). With the Sun beaming into your career zone, you’ll be re-inspired by work and determined to be at the top of your game.



Gemini season commences this Thursday and with the Sun shining through your ninth house of inspo and travel, get ready for a hella fun adventure of some kind. All your recent hard work will pay off and allow you to do something fun for a change without that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you’re forgetting something. Enjoy your break, bb.


There are two things that Scorpios are known for: the constant need for both intimacy and privacy. Well this week, as the Sun moves into Gemini, you’ll find that you’ll be craving both of these things more than ever. If there’s an important talk you’ve been meaning to have, this week is the time to do it. And I mean now, bc the week after, Mercury goes Retrograde and you’ll for sure chicken out or worse, fuck-up the chat. Do it now, mate. NOW.


Your focus this week, as Gemini season kicks off on Thursday and the Sun illuminates your seventh house of <3, will be your committed relationships. Also, just a warning, as the Sun is at its furthest point from your sign on the zodiac wheel, your access to its energy will be at a low-point, meaning you’ll want to lean on your nearest and dearest for support.


Gemini season begins on Thursday and wouldn’t ya bloody know it? Your sixth house of routines is involved, which could bode well for a new fitness plan, daily regime or something of the sort. Enough indulging for now, it’s time to get serious. This will be reinforced on Sunday, as your ruling planet Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius and you’ll need to reign in the spending.



Your fun side will come out to play this week as Gemini season arrives on Thursday and the Sun smashes into your fun fifth house, inspiring you to let your hair down and enjoy life. Your fifth house of lurve is also spotlighted so expect lots of romantic energy to swirl around, whether you like it or not.


While most of your mates will be heading out into the sun as Gemini season kicks off on Thursday, for my Piscean babes, you’ll be focusing on self-care as your domestic fourth house is spotlighted. Try your best to look after yourself, especially focusing on emotional baggage you’ve been suppressing. You can’t hide that shit forever – the time to deal with it is now.

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