Mercury Retrograde’s over (thank fuck) and bidding it adieu is the annual Capricorn full moon that rises on Thursday and brings with it the chance to make some much-needed edits to our lives.


The full moon in job-oriented Capricorn and your tenth house of werk will spark a major career breakthrough that could lead to a new job or a big shakeup at the one you currently have. Meanwhile if you’ve been putting off working through something mentally / emotionally / spiritually, now is the time to delve deep and sort that shit out.



All that hard work that you’ve been putting in will finally start to pay off as the full moon in butt-kicking Capricorn beams into your adventurous zone and brings with it the opportunity for good times and great classic hits. Think, impromptu road trips, spontaneous nights at the clerb, shit like that (COVID permitting, ofc).



This week’s Capricorn full moon will bring heavy feelings to the surface that you thought had long been buried so emotions will be at an all-time high. Eep! The full moon chaos is made even more intense thanks to your eighth house of intimacy. The main advice here is to follow your instincts, even if they’re leading you down a painful path ‘cos at the end of that path is happiness and freedom.


If you’ve been waiting to hear back on something work or business related, expect to receive a call, email, hell, even a DM this week as the full moon in work bitch Capricorn helps put all our affairs in order. Start forward planning now and getting shit in gear because sick opportunities lie ahead, but hard work, of course, is mandatory.



The main focus for you this week is health, Leo, as the Capricorn full moon whips your butt in gear. If you’ve been putting off getting a gym membership, stop delaying and sign TF up. Or if you’re not really a gym person (me neither, I don’t blame you!), instead opt for other wellness activities like yoga or breathing exercises.


Singles can expect to have their DMs blowing up this week while folks in a committed relationship will be crushing hard on their partner. This is all thanks to the Capricorn full moon that’s beaming into your fifth house of lurve. With all this romantic attention, you’ll be feeling on fire, like there’s absolutely nothing you can’t do and where’s the lie?


This week you’ll be fixated on a personal project of yours involving your living sitch, whether it’s the hunt for a new apartment or roommate or editing your current home, which could be anything from rearranging furniture placement to a huge-ass remodel. Librans are all about the aesthetics so I have no doubt you’ll bloody nail it (literally).



Expect big news on Thursday, June 24 as the Capricorn full moon brings forth the opportunity for growth. Plus, now that Mercury Retrograde is donezo, you don’t need to worry about delaying any decision-making or the possibility that your brain might be cloudy. Do whatever you feel is right, bb.


The Capricorn full moon, which arrives on Thursday, June 24, will spotlight your second house of $$$, which could spark a shift in the way you earn that $$$. This could be through a new job, the chance for a sick side hustle, or unexpected news at your workplace. Keep your eyes and ears to the ground, luv.



A personal project or side hustle you’ve been working on will receive a much-needed boost as the powerful force that is the Capricorn full moon hits on Thursday, June 24. Just be careful what you say and think from June 25 onwards as your manifestation powers are at their greatest. Think positive thoughts, believe in yourself, etc, and the good shit will come to life.



There’s been something dark and negative weighing heavily on your mind. Every time you’ll be enjoying yourself, boom! There it is. Well, good news, the Capricorn full moon on Thursday, June 24 will give you a chance to release the bad shit. Write whatever it is down on paper and burn it on the night of the full moon to shake that shit off.


The Capricorn full moon on Thursday, June 24 hits in your eleventh house of mates, bringing with it the opportunity to mend your relationship with a certain someone(s). Has your friendship spark dimmed? Time to fire it back up, bb. By whatever means necessary.

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at Pedestrian who also dabbles in woo-woo stuff like astrology and crystals and has been penning horoscopes since the start of his career. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.