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Librans will have their DMs blowing up and Pisceans are in for some wacky dreams as Aquarius season kicks off this week.

PEDESTRIAN.TV’s weekly horoscope series, Your Horos Are Here, is back to guide your sweet ass in 2021. Every Sunday night, we’ll be looking to the week ahead and seeing what those chaotic mistresses of the sky have in store for us – and by us, we mean you.


You’ll be missing the holidays more than ever this week as you head into what’s called a second week slump. What’s causing this slump, you ask? Well, you can blame that on hothead planets Mars and Uranus going at it and causing a whole heap of disruptions. You’ll be stressed out about bloody everything from work to finances to domestic shit like who the hell left their dirty dishes in the sink? But on the bright side, Mars’ movement into Aquarius will bring about a major revelation about a certain something.


Aquarius szn kicks off this week which will have a v. positive impact on you, Taurus, as Aquarius rules your tenth house of career and success, giving you that much-needed boost to power through the start of the year (it’s been a bloody long one already, hasn’t it?). You’ll feel a fire in your belly and be determined to get shit done and make this your year, particularly on Wednesday 20. If you’ve got any epic ideas you’ve been keeping under your hat (whether it be a work-related project or a creative endeavour), now’s the time to put those plans into motion. The stars are on your side!


The theme of this week is healing and letting go, especially around January 20 as Mars and Uranus make an exact conjunction in Taurus and your twelfth house of healing and closure. You’ll finally be able to let go of that thing that’s been plaguing your life and god dayum, is it gonna feel good to let that shit go! Meanwhile Aquarius szn kicks off in your ninth house of opportunity so keep your eyes and ears peeled for sweet opps coming your way.


Hope you weren’t gunning for some alone time ‘cos this week you’re gonna be surrounded by people (be sure to wear a mask, sanitise, and social distance where possible!). Mars and Uranus’ movements in your eleventh house of group activity will have you feeling keen to collaborate, but just make sure you’re sensing vibes and being a good time as iso may have cooked your social skills a tad. Also beware of losing your temper on Saturday 23 as Mars and impulsive Jupiter interact which tends to bring out the worst in Cancerians so watch your mood.


Although Leos are all about self-worship (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!), this week, turn your focus to worshipping your mates and the bonds you share with them. On Tuesday 19, your ruler, the Sun, enters Aquarius, which bolsters your seventh house of partnerships. While you’re perfectly capable of shining on your own, let’s face it, we’re nothing without our ride-or-dies, so lock in some time with your loved ones ASAP. Just watch yourself ‘cos on Saturday 23, Mars squares off against Jupiter which will likely bring forth a frustrating sitch.


This week you’ll feel your Virgo powers expanding like crazy. What powers are those? Oh, your ability to plan, schedule and finesse, of course! You’ll be at your absolute best as your goal-oriented sixth house is lit up by the sun entering Aquarius. Good times. On Wednesday 20, as Mars crosses paths with transformative Uranus, expect a sudden opportunity to pop up. The stars suggest that you grab onto said opp with both hands. GRAB IT.


Of all the signs of the zodiac, Librans are typically known as the biggest flirts and this week as the Sun enters Aquarius and your playful, passionate fifth house, you’ll be very much on your game. Expect loads of DMs, likes and right swipes, and what’s more is that your flirting abilities will be stronger than ever. With all the downtime we’ve had over this last year, you’ve started to feel low-key invisible, but you’re about to get your groove back, babeyyy.


Although you’ve spent what feels like every waking hour over the past year inside your humble abode, this week you’re gonna want nothing more than to stay in. Perhaps it’s time to Marie Kondo your apartment (if you haven’t already) or get to those new shows you’ve been dying to watch (I highly recommend WandaVision on Disney+!!). But that’s not to say it’ll be totally chill, as the surge in your domestic fourth house (no pun intended) could also result in some group hangs at yours (just ensure that you’re following COVID guidelines, ofc).


You’ve been busting your ass the last few weeks as goal-kicking Capricorn szn had you knuckled down, which I absolutely love for you, but an adventure-loving Sagi needs to let loose every now and then, right? Well good news ‘cos quirky Aquarius szn starts this week, which will bring some fun, social times for you. Side bar: feel like you’ve dropped the ball, fitness wise? Mars and Uranus’ movements will inspire you to stick to set health and fitness goals and work on tightening your anus (I’m so sorry – it was right there, I had to).


The sun’s been hanging in your sign for the last month, but this week it moves into Aquarius which isn’t a bad thing at all! The Aquarius energy will have you feeling inspired to ace your 2021 goals. Just keep a lookout midweek as shit-stirring Mars bashes into radical Uranus, meaning you’ll likely find yourself in a tense situation or showdown. Ugh, as if there wasn’t enough CHAOS in the world already.


As the sun leaves Capricorn and enters your sign, you’ll be super determined to start putting those 2021 resos into action. It’s not all good news tho, sadly, as planetary movement will have you feeling emotional as hell. You’ll also find yourself taking a long hard look in the mirror and realising there are some major changes to be made, which goes back to the whole 2021 reso shebang. This isn’t necessarily bad news – you’ve just gotta channel the frustration into inspiring you to get stuff done.


After weeks and weeks of chaos, it’s time for you to slow your roll and just chill the fuck out. Aquarius season kicks off on Tuesday in your twelfth house which will have you craving a good ol’ hibernation spiral (I mean spiral in a good way – enjoy some indoor pamper sessions, Netflix binges, etc. Rest and recharge!). Pay attention to your dreams during this period as inspiration could be found during your many, many naps and as we know, inspiration and insight can often be found in our dreams.