It’s a new month, kings and queens! And what better way to begin September than with a new moon? Read on to see your horoscopes for the week ahead…


Don’t ask me how, but SOMEHOW we’ve already reached bloody September and if you feel like you’ve achieved jack shit, it’s not too late to turn things around! This week, the new moon that lands in your sixth house of getting-shit-done will inspire you to tap into your inner girl boss and start making waves.


Spring has officially sprung and ushering in the new season is a new moon that’ll beam into your fifth house of love and creativity. Find ways to combine those two elements over the next week. Perhaps invite a love interest to join you in a Pictionary Zoom date, make some art for a loved one, or find new self-care Zoom methods.


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The new moon that hits your fourth house of home and fam this week encourages you to turn your focus inward. I know you’re probably bloody sick of your home space at this point, but find ways to fall back in love with your house and your housemates. Get in touch with your cottage core fantasies and tizz your pad up and also plan some bonding activities with the peeps you live with. And if you live solo, practice some self-love, babey.


This week’s new moon will have you feeling like a chatty Cathy, so channel this energy and check in on your fam and fronds ‘cos they’re in need of your mother hen vibes. The new moon is beaming into your third house of communication, so find creative ways to get connected with your nearest and dearest (tag them in fun shit on the ‘gram, plan a Zoom catch-up, have a good ol’ three hour long phone call, etc).


With all the BS happening right now, it can be easy to get into a woe is me depressive spiral (and hey, we have every bloody right to! COVID fucking sucks). But this week, as the new moon beams into your second house of $$$, remind yourself how lucky and blessed you are.


Remember how in a recent set of horoscopes, I said that you’ve been making major changes this year and finding new things about yourself? This will become more apparent this week as the new moon connects you to your sense of self. When you look in the mirror and notice some changes (I’m talking metaphorically and literally), be proud of how far you’ve come.


You’re in for a ~magical~ week, Libra, as the new moon beams into your 12th house of spirituality. You’ll feel compelled to tap into magic in one way or another, whether it’s by deep-diving into your astrological chart, reading your horoscopes daily, doing a Tarot reading, sageing your space, or binge-watching Charmed. All of these things have mystical, healing properties.


Gather your coven, bitch witch. The new moon in your 11th house of community encourages you to reach out to likeminded people because there’s power in numbers, my friend. I know you love to hide in your Scorpio cocoon, but sometimes you needa spend time with your nearest and dearest (albeit via Zoom) to feel alive.


Welcome to a new month, bb! September is gonna be a bloody ‘yuge one for you that starts off with a bang as the new moon hits your ambitious 10th house, inspiring you to aim higher. Go for that promotion, quit your job in favour of a better one, start that side hustle. Whatever it is you’ve been dreaming about all year, now is the time to get the ball rolling.


Over the next week, keep your eyes, your mind and your mind’s eye open. The new moon beaming into your ninth house of expansion promises new beginnings, but you won’t reach it if you’re close-minded. Be open to new possibilities, you never know what could happen (the fact that you’re reading your horoscopes means you’re somewhat hopeful, which is noice to see!).


Something’s been holding you back, Aquarius, and this week, you’re encouraged to let it go (whatever it may be). The new moon hits your eighth house of rebirth, so the energy in the air is all about releasing, refreshing and restarting. Free yourself of the ties that have had you bound. Roam free, like all Aquarius kings and queens deserve.


The new moon in your seventh house of mates spells either a new friendship, or a development in one of your current friendships. You’ll feel closer than ever to your pals, and lord knows we bloody well need to be looking out for one another right now, so I love this for you (and your mates!).

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at Pedestrian who also dabbles in woo-woo stuff like astrology and crystals and has been penning horoscopes since the start of his career. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.