You’re a twenty something, blog reading, homeboy who spends most of his wake time around the FM-AM turn over. Perhaps you even dj a bit, mainly for the girls but the extra pocket money is still greatly appreciated.

Well whether your a touring producing or a wedding dj Korg’s new nano series won’t go astray. Essentially they take everything you hate about traveling, aka carrying things, and they make it less of a burden by shrinking the studio essentials dramatically.

The tech specs we’re working with read something like:

* nanoKEY: 25 keys, transmitting either as MIDI notes or (via a separate mode) Control Change (CC) messages. Octave shift (natch). Pitch, modulation. And it’s supposed to be velocity-sensitive, too, although we’ll have to get our hands on one to see how sensitive it is.

* nanoPAD: 12 pads, supposedly inheriting the terrific sensitivity and feel of the padKONTROL, which is pretty much the favorite pad controller round these parts. Chord Trigger. Control Change mode (as with nanoKEY). There’s even an X/Y touch pad with roll and flam mode, favorite features of the padKONTROL.

* nanoKONTROL: 9 faders, 9 knobs, 18 switches, transport controls. (No, really.) MIDI notes, 168 CC messages. There are even attack and decay times for the switches, allowing them to work as faders, filter controls, effects settings, and the like – something I’d love to see on other (full-sized) controllers.

The most appealing part about this range, besides the compactness of the hardware, is the price. Each controller will retail separately for just under $150 Australian. Meaning you don’t need to sport Ajax’s $2000 an hour gig fee to be able to add some of these bad boys to your quiver.

Pedestrian <3’s techno.