Edinburgh Accused Of Ridding The City Of Homeless People Ahead Of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

In more fucked Eras Tour news, a number of people experiencing homelessness have reportedly been moved along from Edinburgh, Scotland to make way for the influx of Swifties who will soon be flooding its streets.

Despite the rave reviews Taylor Swift has received for the Euro leg of her Eras Tour — such as the inclusion of her Tortured Poets Department era and more darn Easter Eggs — there have been some controversies oozing from Swiftie Central.

Most recently, the city of Edinburgh has been accused of forcing a number of homeless people out of its city in preparation for the pop star’s arrival.

According to Shelter Scotland — an organisation that advocates for people affected by the UK’s housing emergency — several homeless people who they support have been sent to Aberdeen and Glasgow via taxi. It also claimed that one person was offered temporary housing in Newcastle, which is roughly around 160 kilometres away from Edinburgh.

(Image source: Sam Mellish / In Pictures via Getty Images)

Speaking to the BBC, the organisation labelled the move as a “blatant injustice” for people experiencing homelessness to be “indirect competition” with tourists.

Per the publication, Edinburgh City Council claimed it was “working with affected households to find appropriate, alternative accommodation”.

Shelter Scotland said that people experiencing homelessness in Edinburgh who are normally offered temporary shelter in places such as hotels are being sent away due to a severe shortage caused by the concert. However, there’s no evidence of people experiencing homelessness being removed from accommodation they are already staying in.

Just last November, the city of Edinburgh declared a housing emergency due to record homelessness figures stemming from the cost of living crisis and soaring rent prices.

Alison Watson, the director of Shelter Scotland, highlighted Edinburgh’s housing emergency and called for urgent action to combat the crisis.

“In Edinburgh that emergency now places people experiencing homelessness in direct competition with tourists; a blatant injustice,” she said, per BBC.

“Our frontline services are already seeing people in need of a bed tonight being told their only option is to leave of the city.

“A family going through the trauma of homelessness in Edinburgh should not have to move miles from their job, school, and community to find emergency accommodation.“

Watson also highlighted that the issue could reoccur in August for the city’s Fringe Festival.

Edinburgh City Council has said it was “absolutely not” evicting people in temporary accommodation to make space for Swifties and tourists. But housing convenor Councillor Jane Meagher admitted: “It is a symptom of the housing emergency we face in Edinburgh”.

The council reiterated that it has a legal obligation to provide people experiencing homelessness with temporary accommodation, including hotels.

Taylor Swift will be performing from June 7 to June 8 at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium.

Image source: Getty Images / Sam Mellish and Xavi Torrent/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management